The products ordered by the customer will be delivered in mainland Portugal, preferably and if possible, within the period indicated in the order, and taking into account the delivery option chosen by the customer (home delivery or at TTech Logistics Center) and the availability of the product in stock. .

TTech may, for reasons of service and / or operationality, temporarily or permanently limit the mode of delivery of the product to one of the two types provided - home delivery “click and delivery” or delivery to the TTech Logistics Center “click and colect” - informing the customer of such circumstance.

If the order contains more than one product, TTECH will endeavor to deliver all products at the same time. Without prejudice to the aforementioned, if such a delivery is not possible at the same time, TTECH may proceed with more than one delivery informing the customer accordingly.

Without prejudice to the option of free resolution under the terms of the law, if the product or products ordered are not delivered within 7 (seven) business days after the date of the order, the customer may proceed to cancel the order, in which case, the price paid by the customer will be refunded within a maximum period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of order cancellation. Canceling the order does not entitle the customer to any compensation.

If the cancellation of the order by the customer occurs at a time when the transport of the product for delivery has already started, the latter will be responsible for the payment of the inherent transport expenses, and this amount may be compensated when the price is reimbursed to the customer by TTECH.


In order to allow home delivery, the customer undertakes to transmit through the order all the information necessary for delivery, namely his phone number, in order to allow a quick contact by the carrier.

During delivery, and if requested, the customer must identify himself by displaying a suitable document for the purpose, reserving TTech the right not to make such delivery in case of doubts about the respective identity.

In case of absence of the address indicated on the order at the time of delivery, the carrier will register the fact, drawing up a notice indicating the new date and time for delivery.

Failure to receive the product by the customer within [3] days after the first delivery attempt, implies the return of the product by the carrier to TTECH and the cancellation of the order. The cancellation will be notified by TTECH to the customer. In this case, the customer will be reimbursed for the price paid, minus the transport costs associated with the delivery of the product. The refund will occur within 14 (fourteen) days from the notification of cancellation of the order by TTECH.

If delivery does not take place on the scheduled date due to a fact not attributable to the customer, namely, due to the carrier's action, the customer must inform TTECH of the fact by email.

Regardless of whether the delivery is made at home or at a TTech Logistics Center, the customer will be responsible for checking the status of the products at the time of delivery, in order to ensure that it is in accordance with the order.

In case of disagreement regarding the quantities or product ordered, the customer must express it on the delivery note, to be signed by the same and the carrier, and keep a copy of it. In such a circumstance, the customer must inform TTECH, through the customer service or via e-mail, indicating the order reference.

All non-conformities or damages existing in the product, namely deficiencies in the same, must be communicated to the carrier and TTECH within a maximum period of 3 (three) days after receiving them.

If the non-conformities or damages existing in the product are visible at the time of delivery, the customer must refuse it by communicating and consigning in the delivery note that it was "rejected for damages". The same will be verified if the delivery is not in accordance with the order, in quantity and quality.


If the customer chooses to pick up the product at a TTech Logistics Center, he must, at the time of delivery, present the corresponding invoice or purchase order as well as display a suitable identification document, with TTech reserving the right not to make such delivery in the event of delivery. doubts about their identity.

When, in addition to delivering the product to a TTech Logistics Center, the customer also requests the provision of a “workshop service”, in addition to the documentation referred to in the previous paragraph, he must also display the vehicle maintenance book.

The TTech Logistics Center where the product will be delivered will be freely chosen by the customer.

The product or products subject to order will be available for a maximum period of 21 (twenty-one days) after the customer has been informed of the availability to pick up the products.

The availability of product stocks may vary according to the TTech Logistics Center where the product will be delivered.

The failure of the customer to pick up the product within the period indicated in the previous paragraph, determines the automatic resolution and without the need for prior communication, of the purchase and sale contract entered into.

The expiry of the contract implies the refund of the price paid by the customer, deducted by 15% for costs of treatment, delivery, availability and withdrawal of products.

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